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Cameron Forni


About Cameron Forni

In 2015, Cameron Forni pioneered the first vape cartridge free of silica fiberglass. From his creation, Select, the best-selling cannabis brand on the West Coast, was born. Five years later, Cameron has become a power player in cannabis and has been recognized by some of the industry’s most reputable publications, such as High Times Magazine, Inc. Magazine and Marijuana Venture Magazine.

Considering himself an entrepreneur by trade and blood, Cameron has always had a hand in building companies. His first venture was selling flowers on the side of the road as a child. As a high school student, he made money by managing a car detailing business. While working towards his degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon, he built an event company. The ability to solve problems that no one has ever experienced is an entrepreneur’s cross to bear, but Cameron Forni always reveled in the challenge. 

When he graduated from college, he set out to create jobs rather than take one. Cameron’s first official foray into entrepreneurship came when he co-founded TextNoMore, an app that rewarded drivers who avoided texting while driving. Then, he co-founded TryEco LLC, which produced a patented, starch-based, and biodegradable, super absorbent polymer used in agriculture. To Cameron, his business focus has always revolved around a mission to build companies and products that would offer people a better life and achieve more. Eventually, that mission led him to cannabis. 

After creating what is now the industry standard vape cartridge, Cameron Forni launched Select Oil and, later Cura Cannabis Solutions. His companies saw record-breaking success in the industry. Select’s products are sold in over 900 retailers, and Select Oil is the #1 selling brand in the country. In 2019, Cameron continued setting records, leading his companies in a billion-dollar acquisition by Curaleaf, essentially creating the largest legal cannabis company by revenue. 

Now, Cameron is the President of Select at Curaleaf, continuing to improve industry standards, create more efficient and effective products, and lead the way on better supply chains free of pesticides. His success in the cannabis industry has been fueled by his relentless pursuit of progress and innovation. What’s more, Cameron Forni has learned that the secret to entrepreneurial success is agility and delegation. Find people whose strengths are your weaknesses and never get stuck on a plan—they always change. 

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