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Becoming an entrepreneur is rarely something that people stumble onto. It takes a specific type of personality to embrace an entrepreneurial lifestyle’s demands and do it gleefully. Inspired by social media influencers, many people have become lulled into a false sense of security, believing anyone can launch their own brand and be a boss. The truth is that it takes enormous amounts of work, money, stamina, and mental toughness. Not everyone is cut out to be that disciplined for a sustainable period of time. Before you waste any of your own time, money, or mental health by venturing out on your own, you should do a self-assessment and ask whether you’re cut out for this lifestyle. The more honest you are, the more successful you will be in the long-term.


Entrepreneurs tend to either invent something or improve upon an existing thing. Passion drives them to make the world a better place. There will be days that you will have to drag yourself to the office and periods of time where you don’t feel optimistic about a business-related issue. When this happens, if you are genuinely passionate about your company and the reason you started, you can take a step back through meditation or some other self-care exercise while reminding yourself of the bigger picture and reigniting that passion.


Successful entrepreneurs understand that all after-tax profits go back into the business until a company is well into the black. At this point, it’s ok to give yourself a reasonable salary to live on. Committed entrepreneurs want to see their dream realized, so a quick buck will not appeal to them. Dedicated entrepreneurs wish to see a dream come to life and watch it grow.


The concept of nine to five doesn’t exist for an entrepreneur. Sometimes it can be very challenging to imagine your company’s successful future. A positive attitude is one of the hallmarks of a successful entrepreneur. Optimism coincides with an increased ability to handle stress and process emotions. Happy people are more productive because they know when to step back and evaluate a situation instead of behaving emotionally. They are more prone to use effective reasoning to handle issues. 

If you want to know whether this lifestyle is a good fit, imagine yourself working all hours of the day and night, possibly 24/7, for years. It is a very lonely life because your primary focus must be on your company. Much like a health program, you will get out of a business venture what you put into it. If you are the type of person who prefers to be a worker bee and follow instructions, this is not the job title for you.