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In a world where technology makes anything possible, there technically is no longer a need for entrepreneurs to flock to a single city. Yet, there are still reasons why entrepreneurs, especially aspiring ones, would be interested in picking the right city for their venture.

When deciding on a location, entrepreneurs need to remember that their personal network will become a vital part of their career. Who they know, what assets they have access to, the works. With all of that in mind, here are some of the best cities within the U.S. for entrepreneurs.

Austen, Texas

If you’re looking that has the potential to be up and coming, you’re going to want Austen, Texas. The technology industry is booming there, which encourages hundreds of other businesses to consider their options in the area.

All of this means that startups are thriving within Austen, Texas. Better yet, the weather and nightlife are ideal for entrepreneurs. There will be plenty of time to create new connections in this city.

Silicon Valley, California

For the longest time, Silicon Valley was the place to go to start a business. While it is no longer a requirement to consider relocating here, it remains high up on the list. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Square all began here, just to name a few.

There are countless funding and networking opportunities within Silicon Valley, which is more than half the reason why entrepreneurs still flock to the area. Additionally, foundations such as TiE Silicon Valley have been designed to help support new entrepreneurs.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, is another city high up on entrepreneurs lists, and with good reason. This is a bright and sunny city, with a low unemployment rate, a low cost of living, and countless tech startups.

According to Entrepreneur, Boulder, Colorado, has the highest percentage of tech startups in the country. While some may view that as a competition-dense area, others will see it as a hub for startups.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has long been known as a city full of young and brilliant minds. While it garnered that reputation thanks to the universities it houses (Harvard, MIT), it maintains this reputation thanks to the businesses launched here.

Boston is full of entrepreneurs, and they’re not hard to spot. Combine that element with the active nightlife scene, and networking will not be a problem in this city.