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An entrepreneur understands the tools at one’s disposal and how they can help get the job done. Social media is a powerful tool – one that a clever entrepreneur would know better than to waste. 

Social media can be used in a variety of ways and even have different goals or methods. It’s what makes it such a helpful tool, both for individuals and businesses. Entrepreneurs can use social media to enhance their business, vet new employees, and maintain networks, among other things.

Find the Right Platform

These days, there are dozens of different social media platforms to choose from. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to the entrepreneur to choose wisely. One way to decide which platform is correct is by considering the type of media the platform supports.

Different platforms support different media, and these options include (but are not limited to) photos, videos, blogs/writing, podcasts, polls, e-books, and infographics. Some platforms are more visual, while others are more informative. So it comes down to what one is hoping to get out of the platform. 

Remember, there’s no rule saying that only one social media platform can be used at a time. Just remember that more profiles/platforms mean more time and maintenance, so be smart about it.

Consistency and Planning

When it comes to running a social media campaign or account, there are two essential elements to keep in mind: consistency and planning. Both will play an indispensable role in how successful your social media initiatives will be.

Planning and consistency go hand and hand. Plan posts ahead of time to make the process easier, and don’t be afraid to research as you go. Remember, consistency is key. Know the target audience, what time they’re online, and post accordingly during those times.

One way to combine planning and consistency is by batch planning posts. That is to say, planning several posts at once – not just for one platform, but for several. Thankfully, there are services available to help entrepreneurs schedule social media posts ahead of time, streamlining the process.

These are but a few of the steps an entrepreneur can take to increase their social media presence while throwing more attention to their business. Now is the time to take the initiative, make that first move, and get going.