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It can be very challenging for small businesses to use technology effectively. This is why they must understand how to use it to their advantage. Small businesses need to use technology to grow and know how it can be done on a limited budget. Here are four ways small business owners can leverage technology to increase their chances of success in 2023.


Make a Business Website

A website is vital to any business’ branding, allowing owners to make an impression and communicate with their customers. Having a well-designed and professional website is very important for small businesses. With the help of hosting providers, they can easily create a simple and effective website.


There are various methods that people can use to drive traffic to their website, but it is essential that they first identify the right keywords and develop a strategy that will allow them to reach the site’s high-profile pages. A hosting provider’s help can also ensure traffic is directed to the site’s best pages.


Create a Business Email

When it comes to setting up a business email address, there are two options. One can choose from a wide range of free services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, or opt for a custom domain for a low monthly fee. Before choosing a hosting provider, it is vital that one thoroughly reviews the service’s features and security measures. Also, ensure that the company has the necessary support and precautions.


Have a Professional Phone Number

According to a survey, over 80 percent of consumers consider a small business’s legitimacy based on the professionalism of its phone presence. One of the most common mistakes new companies make is relying on their mobile phone as their primary business number. This can lead to service issues and even affect their potential customers. A professional phone number can help a small business feel like a large corporation.


Prioritize IT Support

A dedicated IT professional is not affordable for many small businesses and startups. Instead, many providers offer a variety of add-on services that are designed to meet the needs of their customers. These services can be easily integrated into a package, providing a higher investment return.