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The mesmerizing world of today’s technology has provided us with a variety of ways to become more efficient. Tasks that once took up time and resources, even extra personnel, can now be done more inexpensively in the blink of an eye. The one caveat to having so much tech, however, is that it has the potential to stifle creativity and intuition, which is a trait that successful entrepreneurs need to thrive. Taking risks and exploring the unknown is part of what makes for a successful titan of industry. That being said, there are many tools that can still help modern-day CEOs become more efficient without taking away their ability to think outside the box. 

One of the most important things to conquer in today’s modern world is time management. Having a collaborative project managing tool is the perfect way to communicate with all members of your team about the status of every project, as well as assigning tasks and setting deadlines. There are many options to choose from, both online as well as from app stores. Trello is a popular favorite, and for good reason. With over 25 million users worldwide, this app takes large tasks and breaks them down into easily manageable to-do lists. Another great project management tool is Monday. It is often compared to Trello because of the same functionality. Another software tool that has thrown its hat in the ring is Asana. While critics agree that it might have a steeper learning curve, it has received many positive reviews from well-respected organizations like PC Magazine. 

Collaboration is the key to a modern-day workforce. Being remote is now the norm, which means cloud-based documents and projects need to be readily accessible by all team members, regardless of location or device being used. Google Docs is the MS Office suite of the future, with a variety of free solutions to share with people both within, and outside of, your organization. 

Storage is now cheaper than ever, which means there is no excuse to not make regular backups of valuable photos and documents. Dropbox is a perfect way to organize files into albums. While not completely free, it does provide the ease of mind that comes along with having a secure data backup.